I am a “professional nerd,” a Brooklyn-to Portland transplant, and, first and foremost, a documentary filmmaker passionate about sharing contemporary stories from diverse communities. 
i believe that artists have a responsibility to provoke the social conscience of a society. It is my desire to create nuanced work exploring themes of global citizenship and representation. the 'to whom much is given much is expected' mantra guides me and i feel too blessed to not continue to invest in growing the powerful communities that have embraced me. 
while working in the documentary department at discovery communications, I had the incredible and unexpected opportunity to be featured in one of Columbia Sportswear's marketing campaigns: the directors of toughness.  the experience was transformative, I moved from dodging taxis and running bridges to flyfishing with bears and trail running around the world.
my passions combined and expanded: storytelling, representation, sport and outdoor activities. I now work as the social media manager at the athletic community and freelance as a documentary producer and brand consultant.
i have always been concerned about whose stories are being told, why and how and I think being involved in this process is the best way to promote needed conversations in these fractured times. I am interested in the power of an invitation, whether it be to go on a run, to have a conversation, or to try something new. I believe deeply in the need for green spaces to mental health.
My work includes the short doc series for Columbia Sportswear "The Give Back," and two documentaries in post-production "Our Grass is Greener" a documentary about an agricultural youth radio competition in Somanya, Eastern Region, Ghana and "Going Tribal" a documentary about Native American Cultural Appropriation in Fashion. I am a graduate of Yale University and the New York University Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.