The Blister Review OFF THE COUCH Podcast

Faith E. Briggs is a filmmaker and a runner, and this week, Brendan Leonard and I talk to Faith about her latest film, This Land; growing up and running track & cross country and transitioning into long distance running & trail running; and our current / not-merely-current circumstances here in America.


  • Faith’s film, This Land (2:52)

  • Boarding school & the ‘nonchalance of wealth’ (10:22)

  • College & running track (15:02)

  • Getting into documentary filmmaking? (23:36)

  • When did you consider yourself a distance runner? (26:42)

  • Getting into trail running (32:26)

  • Inspiration & Influence for your writing and films (38:24)

  • Our current situation (46:31)

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