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Just Add Water is a film and discussion series hosted by Faith E. Briggs and Adam Edwards which took place during in the summer of 2020. Each film and the accompanying panel discussion digs into important questions of equity and inclusion in the outdoors. The films shared the stories of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx adventurers, scientists and changemakers. Faith was responsible for selecting panelists, organizing panels and leading discussions.

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We are committed to cultivating common ground among diverse communities and making outdoor recreation welcoming and accessible to all.

The Just Add Water Project holds at its core the belief that representation matters. It matters because we need and deserve to see a wider spectrum of ability and identity in the outdoors. Not just for the “epic” far away trips but also for the adventures that are close to home. Lack of representation is a symptom of the deep roots of injustice. We have the opportunity to take a step toward creating the culture we want to see for future generations—and we can’t do it without you.

Thank you to all of you who joined us this summer to watch films that sparked our imaginations, listen to stories that made our hearts beat faster and fuller, and join in conversations that pushed us to grow beyond our comfort zone. As a community, we will continue to step up and be stronger. The Just Add Water Project is its own conversation—one we aim to continue beyond this summer with your help.

If you missed one of our events, or feel inspired to dig into the stories again, you’ll find the films and recordings of our panel discussions below. We encourage you to share the films and continue the conversations with your friends and family to break down barriers to the outdoors in your own community.


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